Conversation 1:1

Who am I ?

My name is Benoît, but feel free to call me Ben.

I am not a professional language teacher, only a native French speaker living in Poland, where I currently work as a journalist. I have a Bachelor Degree in Journalism and a Msc in International Relations. These last years, I have had the chance to live in four great countries : Canada, Ireland, the UK and Poland. Along the years, I have been learning a few languages myself, and still am.

As an editor, my job requires me to use English everyday, as well as sometimes some of my other languages (Spanish & Polish). I struggled a lot to learn these languages (honestly, if there is such thing as a 'language gene' I don't have it), therefore I am very well aware of the various problems one may encounter when learning a foreign language.

However, I believe anybody can learn a foreign language. The key thing being, at least in my case, regular practice. If you plan on learning French, I'd be glad to put my experience to good use by helping you! We will speak about the importance of a daily routine (once again regularity is key) and, most important thing, I will do my best to get you speaking the language.

If you choose me as a teacher, I will make you speak a lot, and that from the very beginning. I am very patient, so don't worry about making mistakes. I encourage you to use what you already know, regardless of your level. Talking isn't everything though, and we might also work on all the other aspects of the language (grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary acquisition, proper use of punctuation, listening, reading, writing and so on).

I am myself a busy person, and I fully understand we all are, that is why you can be sure we will work at your own pace and I will do my best to tailor my lesson to your actual needs.

Looking forward to meeting you in class.


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