Language mentoring

What does language mentoring mean?

We could also say "language coaching". The main goal is to make you an independent and motivated learner.

Here are some of the questions ConsultLang will try to answer:

How to find your WHY? How do you determine which ones are the best materials for learning your target language? What is your type of memory - and why is it important to understand how your brain works? Why and how to set concrete goals in the short, medium and long term? Why routines can become your best friends in foreign language learning? And many more...

How long should the language mentoring relationship last?

Because a good mentoring is by design temporary, we offer sessions on demand. The minimum duration of a mentoring session is one hour. For those who wish a follow-up, it will be possible in the future to book packages of five or ten sessions.

Do I have to prepare before my first individual language coaching session?

Yes and no. If you want to get the most out of your first language mentoring session, it is advised that you put some ideas on paper. On the other hand, this is not mandatory and we can very well do it together.

For example, you may want to write down a short explanation of why you want to learn your target language, figure out as honestly as possible how much time you are willing to invest each day in learning that language, or try to list your strengths and weaknesses as a learner.

You can also write down a list of concrete goals that you would like to accomplish in the short, medium or even long term in your target language (eg hold a conversation of xx minutes with a native speaker, be able to listen to the radio in your target language , etc.)

Would you like to know more? Then, we invite you to book a trial session.

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